Day 105: Cleaning house (1 Kings 6-7)

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Did you know that in the building of God’s temple in Jerusalem, no sound of hammer or any other tool was ever heard at the building site? All the stones used in construction were “dressed,” or cut and shaped at the quarry, which was miles away. In this way, the builders, and Solomon, showed respect and reverence for God.

Great care was taken in building the Temple. It took seven years to build, and it was immaculate. The details are astounding. Inordinate decorations, gold everywhere, things made with the finest care – only the best for God. It was to be the ideal place for worship.

As I read the extraordinarily detailed descriptions of the construction of the Temple tonight, I was reminded of the comparison we often make when we talk of God’s “temple” within us. What do I decorate my temple with? When I opened my heart to Jesus Christ many years ago, I built a temple within me, where the Holy Spirit resides. I am the temple. Back in the days of Solomon, the greatest care was taken in making sure everything was right for the presence of God. When I look inside my heart, and compare Solomon’s temple with my own, I see some major differences.

I picture it like a house as it awaits a guest. My floors are dirty, my dirty laundry is all over the living room. The dishes are dirty, lying stinky and moldy in the kitchen sink. The bathroom is filthy and unwelcoming. The furniture is stained. The shelves remain dusty from months of neglect. The floor is muddy and unvacuumed. The food is going bad and the air reeks of a cacophony of odors. Does this sound like a correct condition for a temple of God? Yet here I am, filling my life with the things of the world, letting my dirty laundry pile up in my spirit, letting the stench of sin overcome my soul in the presence of God. My temple is a little worse for wear. Every now and then, I’ll take up the mop, clean the floors, do some dishes, do a little dusting, do some laundry, spray some Lysol and get the “house” looking presentable, maybe throw some stuff in the closet where no one can see it. But the truth is, my temple is sorely lacking, it is not a place fit for the King.

The GOOD NEWS! Although God lives in us, he meets us where we are. We are but sinners, and God forgives! Our temples may be in rough shape, but God comes over anyway and still offers life-changing hope. The people in Solomon’s day had an awesome place to worship God in a very real way. We still have that today, not only in our churches, but also in our hearts. We can have that personal relationship with our Savior.

So here’s a little challenge for you. Get out that spiritual dustbuster, microfiber dishcloth, Swiffer, dish soap, laundry detergent with bleach alternative and vacuum. Spruce up your temple today and turn your Temple into place worthy of hosting your Father!


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