Day 123: The job (1 Chronicles 6)

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

More genealogy action tonight – this time covering the descendents of Levi, like Moses, Aaron and Samuel. I decided to stick with just this one chapter tonight because the Levites (the descendents of Levi) were pretty special people in God’s eyes, given the special take of caring for the Tabernacle during the 40-year exodus out of Egypt, and then the Temple in Jerusalem when Solomon built it. In chapter 6, we also see a list of musicians under David that played their worship music in the Temple. It got me thinking – although some job may seem more important than others, we all have our part to play in our piece of the world, and in God’s eyes, each one is just as important as the next.

God has given us all talents. I think that is safe to say. In the church, some of us are builders, some are computer designers, musicians, worship leaders, youth leaders, teachers, accountants, you name it. Some jobs, unfortunately, often get overlooked, while some are praised above all others. This shouldn’t be! Just because God may not have given you a great singing voice or the ability to hammer a nail, doesn’t mean you can;t work a computer, or work with kids at a youth program. Who knows, God could be preparing you for something using a talent you have yet to discover!

The Levites had an important job as a group, to maintain the tabernacle and the temple. Within that group, some of the jobs carried great responsibility, while some were more mundane in nature. Nonetheless, they were all important to carry out the overall mission. Even the smallest jobs had to be completed perfectly for the place to be considered OK for worship. Whatever your job is in the church, take it seriously, because I truly believe that no matter how big the job is, God can use it for His glory!

So, even if you aren’t the one up there every Sunday morning wailing on the guitar or the one in front of the microphone, remember that each job, no matter how small, or how thankless, is appreciated by God. Just remember to do it for the right reasons, never seeking the glory for yourself, and praising God for the opportunity to serve Him. After all, He’s the one who gave you the talent in the first place! If you haven’t found your talent yet, keep looking, and don’t lose heart. God has something planned for you, and with prayer and patience, it will be revealed to you in His time!


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