Day 124: Another face in the crowd (1 Chronicles 7-8)

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Tonight was my third straight day of genealogies – I have to be honest, my eyes were starting to glaze over the more unpronounceable names in these genealogies (in this case, Issachar and Saul)! I was starting to think – “How could God possibly love this many people? Not only the multitude listed in these genealogies, but I’m talking about all of creation, from the beginning to now, the billions upon billions of people that have existed on this world. How could God possibly love them all, and love me without me just becoming another face in the crowd?

I think of a mother holding her child’s hand while walking down a city street. It’s a crowded sidewalk. The businesses have just let out, and rush hour traffic is creeping along. The mother and child stop at a hot dog stand to grab a bite to eat, and for a split second, the hand mom was holding is suddenly empty. The child accidentally lets go, not paying attention, and starts to drift into the crowd. Mom, who at first focuses on buying the hot dogs, suddenly realizes her child is no longer in her grasp. Starting to panic, she scans the thick crowd of people – faces she does not recognize, hundreds of them – and no luck. Finally, she hears the voice of her child calling her, and after some searching, mommy and child are reunited.

Although we may be in the busy city sidewalk of life, with thousands of faces passing by each moment, God not only recognizes each and every face, he created each and every face, and knows each one by name, and everything about it.We are never just “another face in the crowd” to God. He never lets go of our hands, never gets distracted by anything and never loses sight of us. Billions of people to love, and God so loves us all. How is it possible?

The only answer is, He’s God. God is the type of thing the word “infinity” was created for. Infinite knowledge, power, wisdom, you name it, it applies. So the question then, is not “How is God able to do this?” The question is, “Why can’t God do it? He can do anything!” So many times, we can get wrapped up in our drama of life and feel like God is neglecting us, pushing us ever deeper into the burgeoning crowd, getting lost in the noise, the hustle and bustle of our surroundings. The eye of God, however, never loses track of us. He isn’t the mother who lets go of our hand at the hot dog stand. God never abandons us. We are all important to God!

It’s funny, there are a host of “characters” in the Bible that get a lot more attention in the writing than others. I’m sure they deserve the recognition, but there are a ton of people that just get a mention of their names, or maybe one little thing they did. God still loves them equally. God loves me as much as he loves Joshua! Moses! Samuel! How amazing is that?

God took special care in creating me and you. Why would He go through the trouble of making us just to lose us in the crowd of people He already created? Today, take a moment to thank Him for loving you so much, never letting you out of His hand, and taking such a great interest in how you live your life. What a loving God we serve! Tell Him so today! It’s music to His ears!


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