Day 130: Make a joyful noise (1 Chronicles 25-27)

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Imagine what life would be like without music. The soulful riffing of a great guitar solo. The magic of two or more people singing in perfect harmony. The rhythmic thumping of an energetic drummer. The soloist hitting the pitch-perfect high note. The rough, yet raw and emotional praise of a man and an acoustic guitar beside a campfire. The flawless execution of a piece on a grand piano. The complete awe of a full orchestra. Even the little diddy jammed out on a harmonica. Imagine if none of this ever existed.

Well, it’s a good thing we don’t have to live in this alternate reality, because our God was kind enough to bless us with the ability to create, listen to, and appreciate music, and I thank Him for that on a daily basis!

David, in 1 Chronicles, places a heavy importance on music on the planning of the temple. He has a legion of people solely dedicated to performing songs of praise and worship. David himself was, after all, a musician. Music is a way to express praise and adoration back to God. What a beautiful thing it can be when used to glorify our Savior!

Unfortunately, music can also be used for other things, but that is probably a post for a different night…

It’s funny when I look around church on Sunday morning during our praise and worship music portion of the morning. I see people singing their hearts out, perfectly in tune with the music, feet tapping, hands clapping, mouths smiling, full of wonder, hands raised in the air. Sometimes, I see people who TRY to sing with all their hearts, missing lyrics here and there, maybe they’ll be off a note or two, sound a little flat – but the key is that they are trying! Sometimes, I’ll see people just standing there, refusing to sing (this one baffles me), not even smiling or taking it all in, just standing there like a statue as if to repel the “onslaught” of praise music coming their way. It’s an interesting mix of emotions when music is interested unto the scene. Some people like the contemporary hits, complete with electric guitar, drums, bass and keyboards. Others are traditionalists, strictly organ and piano. To make it clear, I like both. I like it all. Bring everything to the table, as far as I am concerned, as long as it doesn’t blow out the ears of the congregation! I don’t know if I’m quite at the point where Sunday morning would make for great heavy metal worship!

People come down on every portion of the spectrum when it comes to music, but the important thing to remember is not the style of music that we are putting forth, it’s the attitude in which we are offering it. What good is praise and worship music if we aren’t praising or worshiping God while singing it? Empty words! For it truly to mean something to God, it should mean something to us! I can’t sit here and say that some people mean what they sing and some don’t. I don’t know their hearts. Only God does. But the key issue to remember is the heart of worship. When you sing, are you singing because you feel you have to? Or do you sing because you want to worship God?

People have different preferences as far as music is concerned. Some like it electric, loud and fast. Some like it acoustic and soft. Some like it energetic and thumping. Some like it a capella. But no matter the genre, it can be used to glorify God.

So, lift your voice and make a joyful noise unto the LORD today. It doesn’t matter if you are flat or sharp, God will always enjoy a song that comes from an attitude of praise and worship. It’s a gift He gave us so we can use it to glorify Him! It’s music to His ears! Hallelujah!


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