Day 144: On again, off again (2 Chronicles 30-36)

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

For the last few weeks, I’ve been citing specific verses in this blog, and talking about my thoughts. Tonight was a little different because the entire last six chapters of 2 Chronicles just kept planting the same thought into my head again and again – “When will we ever learn?”

Over a span of hundreds of years, the kings of Israel were truly on again and off again with the LORD – some followed God, and some (most, actually) were evil. Such an unstable way for a nation to live for God. But isn’t this how we all live when it comes to our spiritual lives? This on again, off again relationship is not how God wants us to live! For the kings of Judah who lived according to the Law – like Hezekiah and Josiah – their kingdoms on their time on earth was filled with great joy and success, a reward for following the Word of God. But the others, Manasseh, Amon, Zedekiah, etc., their lives were full of defeat, pain and suffering.

Interesting pattern.

Applying this to our lives can be tricky, because one could say, “Wow, all I have to do is follow God and I will be blessed! I will have everything I ever desired, be rich, have a healthy family and be popular!” Well, God never promised us those earthly possessions. He certainly gave them to the kings of Judah, but he never promised them to us. You never know, some of us may acquire riches in our lives. That’s for God to decide, but the notion of success should never be the motivator in drawing closer to God. That would fall into the “off again” portion of the pattern.

Instead, learning to be content in God with everything we have, accepting his Truth, his teachings, and even His discipline when we sin – that is the true “on again” setting. Spiritual blessings are far more important in the long run than earthly possessions anyway (it was hard for me to type that, because so many times I find myself longing for things I can’t afford!.

Living like the Israelites did in the years leading up to their captivity in Babylon – this on again, off again, do good, do evil, repent, sin, and the cycle continues – only does more harm than good. God wants all of us, not only times of good behavior. He wants us to strive for complete holiness. Perfection, although unattainable for us, should be strived for, because it shows that we have a humble attitude willing to learn the ways of God, and God wants nothing more than for us to seek His face – all the time!

So here’s hoping we can move away from the “On again, off again” paradigm, and switch to a new one, one with only one setting – ON.


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