Day 208: …sdrawkcab smees efil nehW (Psalm 71-77)

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

But as for me, my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold. For I envied the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked. They have no struggles; their bodies are healthy and strong. They are free from the burdens common to man; they are not plagued by human ills. Therefore pride is their necklace; they clothe themselves with violence. From their callous hearts comes iniquity; the evil conceits of their minds know no limits. They scoff, and speak with malice; in their arrogance they threaten oppression. Their mouths lay claim to heaven, and their tongues take possession of the earth. Therefore their people turn to them and drink up waters in abundance. They say, “How can God know? Does the Most High have knowledge?” This is what the wicked are like — always carefree, they increase in wealth. Surely in vain have I kept my heart pure; in vain have I washed my hands in innocence. All day long I have been plagued; I have been punished every morning. If I had said, “I will speak thus,” I would have betrayed your children. When I tried to understand all this, it was oppressive to me till I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their final destiny. -Psalm 73: 2-17

What a minute, that’s not right. That’s not the way things are supposed to be. A good man, a man of God, is stricken with maladies, problems and issues. His health falters, his status plummets. All the while, evil is on the rise. Non-believers are more successful than ever today. They are healthy, strong, confident and sometimes even cocky, drunk with power.

If we claim to be Christians, shouldn’t we be doing better, in God’s care, that all the other ruthless, other sinners in the world. Where’s the provision. Doesn’t this seem backwards?

In the above Psalm, Asaph is begging for intervention. His enemies were successful, and he, in his mind, had nothing. Where’s the fairness? Where’s the justice? Where’s the love?

Although these feelings are natural, they are inaccurate. You know, it’s funny, I’ve read a lot of the Bible at this point, and never in it, not once, does it say that becoming a follower of Christ is going to immediately improve your life. This isn’t “Aladdin’s” big blue genie here.

In fact, God says that a believer’s life is often most difficult because of the persecutions we face in His name. At first glance, it seems like Christians should be in this God-bubble, protected from the world and serving only up to a fraction of our potential. It can be easy to see non-believers with lots of money, cars, houses, etc., and be jealous of their status. One might think, “Why hasn’t God blessed me with that yet?”

Why is my life so backwards!?

Easy answer. It’s not. God is exactly where He wants you be, and although you may feel disoriented, dizzy and taken aback at the string of situations and choices that is your life, it’s all about gaining (or even in some cases, re-gaining, your perspective.

So, sdrawkcab sleef efil ruoy fI, readjust your peepers, look to God, and He’ll guide you back to forward-land.

Evil people, on this planet, may prosper. Let them, for their success is temporary, and although we may suffer in the world’s eyes, our prize is eternal. Praise God for being the God of love, redemption and sovereignty! Stop living backwards, and let Jesus set you straight so you can be the shining light God wants you to be!


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